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Dear    colleagues,  students,

ASUE “Tntesaget”  sport-health camp is  ready  to  host  ASUE  collaborators, students,  members of  their  families.

The  camp will  work with four relays: from  the  5th to the  17th of  July, from the   18th  to  the 30th  of July, from the  31st of July  to the 12nd of August,  from the 13rd to the  25th of  August. 

Hakob Kyokchyan, Head of  the  sport-health  camp, lecturer  at  the Chair  of Physical Training, First Aid and Civil Defense,  told  ASUE  Media  and Public  Relations  Division; “Extensive preparatory work has been done to ensure the best vacation  for  ASUE  members.  Excursions  to  Jukhtak  monastery, Matosavank, Goshavank  and other historical places  will  be  organized. Sport  games (tennis, volleyball,  basketball), intellectual games,  cultural  measures, gathering around the fire  will  be  organized. We’ll do  our  best  to  make  each  day rich and memorable”.

ASUE  Accounting Division announces  that the tickets  are  already being  sold (it’s  desirable to  apply  until July 30, 2014, with  passport).

The price  isn’t  changed: 35.000 AMD  for ASUE  workers  and  40.000 AMD  for their  families'  members.  

ASUE  Media  and Public  Relations  Division 

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