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2013-2014 academic year’s last  session   of  ASUE  Scientific Board  was  held  today  at  ASUE  Conference  Hall. Deans of  the Departments, Zakar  Kirakosyan, Mikayel  Tavadyan, Manuk  Movsisyan,  presented  Departments’  2013-2014 academic year’s reports.   The  Deans  reported  on  issues  regarding organization of  education process  at the Departments,  students’  progress,  Chairs’  work, students’  engagement  in research  activities, discount on tuition fees  and  other   problems.

Grigor  Kirakosyan, Advisor to the  Rector,  presented  studies  conducted at  the  Departments  by Inspection Commission,  outlining  that in the  result  of the  second  inspection,  in comparison with the first one,  there  was  an improvement in almost all directions,  however  there  were  a number  of  problems yet. 

After  the  reports’  presentation,  Yuri  Suvaryan, Head of  the  Chair  of  Management, Professor, Full member of National Academy of Sciences,  Ashot  Salnazaryan, acting  Head  of  the  Chair  of  Finance,  Professor,  Ashot  Tavadyan, Head of  the  Chair  of Mathematical Methods in Economics, Professor,  made  speeches.   Yuri  Suvaryan  mentioned  that the  Dean  and  Dean  Office  of  the  Department  were  able  to  create  working  atmosphere at  the  Department, the  result of  which  was    coordinated  and  effective  work.   At the  same  time  he  draw  attention  on  two  issues: Yuri  Suvaryan suggested  to  highlight investment  of  education technologies for  improving  education  quality, as well as  to  make  Master’s  Degree  programs  more  attractive.  Ashot  Salnazatyan,  highly  evaluated Dean’s  work  at  their  Department, suggested  to  invest  institute  of  Directors  for  Master’s  Degree programs   to  improve  the  quality  of Master’s  Degree  education. “We  are  also  satisfied with  our  Dean’s  work,  he   is able to work systematically with Chairs”; mentioned   Ashot  Tavadyan  and  suggested  to invest   the  approach of  public lecturers at  Master’s  Degree program.

After the  speeches,   discussions  of  issues  the  Scientific  Board  appreciated  the  Departments’  reports.

Paruir  Kalantaryan,  Vice-rector  on Methodological  Matters, reported  on   “Process  of organizing students’  and collaborators’  rest  at “Tntesaget”  sport-health camp  in Dilijan”  and  mentioned  that some repair and renovation work  had  been  done   since  May  and  sport-health  camp  was  ready  to host  the first    relay  on July 5.  The  Vice-rector said  that  tickets   are  being  sold  since  today  and the prices have not changed.

Patuir  Kalantaryan  reported  another  two  issues: “Final  Certification”  and  suggested  to  extract   final  exam from the  final  certification process  of  part-time  and  full-time Bachelor’s  Degree,  and to  make  graduate work obligatory for all students and to assign 18 credits for  it, as well as   to  check  knowledge of “Armenian History”  course by  test.    Scientific Board  appreciated  the presented  issues  by  vote.

Scientific  Board  voted to approve a candidate’s dissertation topic,  guaranteed for publication  Assistant  Professor  at the  Chair  of  Political  Science  and  Law, Candidate  of Economics  Vardan  Atoyan’s  “National Security Issues”  lecture materials, Associate  Professor  at  the  Chair  of  Financial  Accounting, Candidate  of  Economics  Manya  Poghosyan’s “Financial and Tax Accounting Issues in the RA Construction Industry”  manual, Assistant  Professor  at  the  Chair  of   Managerial  Accounting  and Auditing,  Candidate  of  Economics  Mushegh  Hovhannisyan’s  and  Assistant Professor Tigran  Manukyan’s  “Managerial  Accounting”  test  collection  and   educational  manual “Problems of Higher Mathematics” presented  by the  Chair  of  Higher  Mathematics (the  latter  is reprinted).                                                                                             

Summarizing this  year’s last  session of Scientific Board,  Koryun Atoyan, Chairman of  Scientific  Board, Rector, Professor,  wished everyone a quiet summer, expressing  hope  that everyone  would start  new  academic  year  with  new  efforts  to  the  benefits  of  improving the  University’s competitiveness  and education quality.

The   whole  package  of the  decisions  will be  posted  at  ASUE  official  website  soon.

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