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On May 18, ASUE representatives on behalf of  the  University, revealed material support to an Armenian needy  family. In the  interview  with ASUE  Media  and Public Relations  Division Lusine  Karagulyan, member  of  the charitable initiative, lecturer  at  the  Chair  of  Foreign  Languages,   mentioned  that  she  learned about  the  mentioned  family random  and immediately set out to help the one.

“Four  minor children  live  in this   family  with  Mother  and  grandmother, family breadwinner father died suddenly a few months ago”; said Lusine  Karagulyan  and  added  that the  family   really  needed  the  support.

The  latter  mentioned  that  these charitable initiatives  aimed to help  and  support socially  vulnerable  families. ASUE  representatives will  visit  several families  and  will  summarize   this  academic  year’s   visits   organized  within the  framework  of charitable initiatives.        

Note, that  representatives  of  the  University  subdivisions, headed  by ASUE  Administration, always  join the initiative.

ASUE Media  and Public Relations  Division 

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