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The 2nd  year  students  of the  Department of  Regulation of Economy 
and International Economic Rеlations conducted a seminar-training entitled “Armenian Economic Thought in the  Middle  Ages”.

Student Rita Ohanyan presented activities,  economic thoughts  and  ideas of Grigor  Tatevatsi, Mkhitar Gosh, Matevos Jughayetsu  by  slide  show. They talked  about the  social division  of  labor, commodity exchange relationships, distribution of  wealth  issues  and etc, as well as comments of  Tatevatsi,   Gosh’s parables reflecting  economic thoughts, economic ideas  of Matevos Jughayetsi.

In the  interview  with ASUE Media  and Public  Relations  Division a lecturer, Associate  Professor  at  the  Chair  of Theory  of  Economics Samvel Grigoryan mentioned  that such  kind of  seminars  were important  and necessary. The  lecturer  outlined that  the  students  should  to be aware of the origins of Armenian economic thought.

“This  is a new  approach  to conduct  interesting lesson, which,  we  think, encourages students, as they  conduct the  lesson themselves. Economic valuable  ideas of  prominent representatives of Armenian Middle Age  History such  as  Grigor  Tatevatsi, Mkhitar  Gosh, Matevos  Jughayetsi, Smbat Sparapet  and  others aren’t  known to people. Hence, this  lesson aims to introduce these ideas to our  students.  Such kind of  lessons will  be  conducted continuously”; said  Samvel Grigoryan.

Student  Taguhi Harutyunyan mentioned  in her  speech that  such  kind  of  lessons  enables  them to  acquire  more knowledge.

ASUE  Media  and Public  Relations  Division

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