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The  photo  of the 4th year  student of  Economics  and  Management of Enterprises specialty at  ASUE  Department of Management Gevorg Matevosyan has been printed in  “Practical Photography” monthly photographic journal (March, 2014)  under “10 wonderful ideas  you can shoot” heading.

In the  interview  with ASUE  Media  and Public  Relations  Division Gevorg told that  this  story  started on August,  2013,  when he  operated  his photographic portfolio in N1 World photographic website: “”.

“This  photo which  was printed in the  journal had 16.000 views in a day. Then  the  website photos administrator  Jemma Dodde asked me to submit it  in the  journal.  My photo history  is  presented  in the attached  text”; said  Gevorg and  added  that he  went on taking photos, carrying out new  ideas  and  supplementing  the series of  his work.

It is  interesting that  Gevorg is self-educated,  he  didn’t  get  any  professional education.  Gevorg  also told  us  that  he  had  new ideas  and  mentioned  that he wanted  to  continue  his education at ASUE and the British “Globe Education (GB) LTD” organization's business school.

We  congratulate our  talented student  and  wish academic  and creative new success. Gevorg’s photos  are  presented here

ASUE  Media  and Public  Relations  Division 

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