Encouraging the Knowledge: the Authors of the Best Business Plans were Awarded with Certificates

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A group of third year students of  Banking specialty today were awarded with encouraging certificates by Lusine Harutyunyan, PhD in Economics, Assistant Professor, lecturer of the Chair of  Finance.

In the frames of the module the future economists studied the essence and the structure of a business plan and received tasks to prepare business plans and present copyright programs.

The task was carried out within groups, the results of which has been presented recently. Remarkable logos have been elaborated; ways of being unique in the market were sought. 1-3rd winning places have been determined by vote of the whole group and the prizes were awarded to the winners today.

Thus, Lusine Harutyunyan awarded the first prize to Genera Martirosyan, Jemma Sirekanyan, Lena Shmavonyan and Mane Mkrtchyan for “Lusi” hotel business plan. The second prize winners presented a special plan of the production of clothes with Armenian ornaments. The third place prize was awarded to two groups. The members of the winning groups were allowed not to present individual paper work by the lecturer, who mentioned that their business plans could be their individual paper works.

Certificates were awarded in different nominations; “The Best Business Plan of the Department of Finance” was awarded to Smbat Harutyunyan and Gor Hayrapetyan. By the way, Smbat participates in “The Most Intelligent” intellectual TV show. “The Tastiest and the Most Successful Business Plan”, “The Modern Plan”, “The Most Pleasant Business Plan” winners also were awarded.

We congratulate all of them and wish success in their study.


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