The Last lecture of Salvatore Moccia on Globalization Challenges

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Salvador Moccia,  Professor of  UEFA Swiss University, hosted  at our University on a working visit, held the last lecture for ASUE students today. The topic of the  lecture  is “Globalization Challenges”. The  meeting  was  attended  by Khoren Mkhitaryan, Head of Science  and PhD Division, Diana Galoyan, the Chair of International Economic Relations,  PhD  students, researchers  and  students.

The professor spoke about the essence of the phenomenon of globalization, touched upon its socio-economic significance, highlighted the advantages and disadvantages of globalization and then showed what impacts may have on developing countries, including Armenia.

P.S. Lecturers arrive at our University to teach the students of the "Business Management" Master program in cooperation with ASUE and UMFF, and besides the main mission, they hold open lectures for ASUE students.

The  author of the initiative, Khoren Mkhitaryan, said that professor of Swiss University Sun Edward will visit ASUE next week  and  will hold  regular lecture on November 17, at 11:00, at ASUE  Conference Hall. The  measure aimed  at improving students' knowledge of English and professionalism.


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