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The  2nd part  of   the seminar-training,  initiated  by  ASUE  Career  and  Marketing  Center  and  launched  yesterday, was  conducted  today  at ASUE  Conference  Hall,  which  aimed  to convey a  number  of important information.

Today  seminar  was  conducted  by the  Head  of  Department of Personnel Recruitment  at  “ProCredit”  Bank  Mariam  Hambardzumyan.

“We  welcome  the  University  initiative to  conduct  such  measures, which  help  students to make  good  impression on  the  employer”; said  the  representative  of  “ProCredit”  Bank.

During the  training  students  are  introduced  to  the  types  of job interview, important  requirements,  a  few  secrets  for  a  successful  interview.

Students  participating  in the  seminar-training  welcomed  such initiatives  which enable  them  to  get useful information.

 Leading  specialist at  ASUE  Career  and  Marketing  Center  Karine Poghosyan   mentioned  that  such  seminar-trainings  would  be  organized  continually,  experienced professionals would  be  invited  to help  our graduates  to  make   right  choice to  find  a  job.

P.S.  The  seminar-training  consist  of  2  parts:  1st  one  how  to  write  CV  and  motivation letter,  the 2nd  part how  to  pass  interview.


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