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Seminar-training organized  by  ASUE  Career  and  Marketing  Center was  held  today, the collaborators  of  the  Center: chief specialist  Hermine  Gharagulyan  and  leading  specialist  Karine Poghosyan presented  the  features  of writing a CV,  motivation letter.

Karine  Poghosyan  presented  by  slides  and discussed the steps that must be taken into account when writing a CV and motivation letter, mentioned  their substantive differences. The specialist  of  the  Center  said  that it’s  important  to take into account the requirements  submitted by the employer  before  applying,  to  find  the  key words  in the  announcement,  which  can  be viewed  in  the  CV  or  motivation letter.

The  students  were  greatly  interested  in the  training. The  latter  is especially useful to undergraduate students who are preparing for the job.

“It’s  important  that  the  students are  able  to  reflect  the  information  in their  CV  and  motivation  which will give a clear picture to the employer:  that is the  students  are  able  to  introduce themselves properly”;  mentioned  Hermine  Ghalagulyan.

 P.S. the  training will be  held  on February 26,  during which  the  students  have  an opportunity  to listen to useful advise of the Head of the Department of Personnel Recruitment  at “ProCredit”  Bank,  who  is  invited  by  ASUE  Career  and  Marketing  Center.


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