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The  1st  or  department  stage of  the 36th SSS  was  held   on December 18, 19  and 20  at  ASUE. Now  preparation for  University  stage  is  going on. According  to  the  established  regulation  the  winners of  department stage are  enable  to  participate in University  stage,  the students  of  Master’s  Degree  submitted  paper applications will  also  participate  in it.

Today,  in the  interview  with  ASUE  Media  and  Public  Relations  Division the SSS Chairman   Vladimir  Gevorgyan  mentioned  that before  the  University  stage  the  winners  of  the  previous stage  would  be  awarded  with  certificates   during  Department sessions.

“The  participants   of the 2nd stage  and  Master’s  Degree  students  are already able  to  submit  their  work,  the deadline  is  April 14. Then the  submitted  work will  be  reviewed  during  10 days  by  professional chairs. The  work   getting   positive  review   will  be  presented  during the session”; said  Vladimir  Gevorgyan  and  added  that  the  winners  should  present  new  work  or develop  the  previous ones.

The Chairman  informed  that  the  University  stage  will  be  held  outdoors  but  the place  and  data would  be announced  later.

For  more  and  detailed  information regarding the 36th SSS  apply to the  chairmen of  department SSS.

ASUE Media  and  Public  Relations Division