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According to press releases broadcasted  by the  RA Ministry of Education and Science,  ArmenTel CJSC  and British Council Armenian Branch  95  students won  Beeline Scholarship, 12  of  them  study  at  Armenian State  University  of  economics.

The  solemn  ceremony of summarizing  the  project  results  and awarding scholarship  took  place  on February 14,  which  was  attended  by  Armen Ashotyan,  the  Minister of  the  RA Ministry of  Education and  Science, Merujan Mikayelyan,  the  first  Deputy  of General  Director of “ArmenTel” company, Jonathan Aves, the British Ambassador in the  RA  and  Arevik  Saribekyan, the  Director of British Council Armenian Branch.

568  students presented paper applications   to  participate in  “Beeline Scholarship” project  announced  by ArmenTel CJSC (brand Beeline), British Council Armenian Branch and the RA Ministry of Education and Science.

The  competition  consisted of  two  stages:  the  students  submitted their project-proposal  during the  first  one,  and  renowned experts of appropriate fields, representatives of the British Council, ArmenTel Company and the RA Ministry of Science and Education  selected 95  winners  among 178  students  during the  second  stage.  ArmenTel Company will provide scholarships to students by paying their tuition fee per one semester

In addition to scholarships, British Council made a draw and one of the winners Anna Tovmasyan got a chance to visit the United Kingdom and participate in a relevant training.  

The  selection criteria: creative thinking,  modernity of the idea,  innovation,  presentation and communication skills.

The  photo is  provided by British Council Armenian Branch .

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