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Today  on  February 10 the lessons of  full-time  Bachelor’s  and  Master’s  Degrees  of  the  second  semester  of  the  2013-2014  academic  year started.

ASUE  Media  and  Public  Relations  Division  talked  to  a  number  of students, many  of  them  noted  that they’re  glad to start  the  lessons,  as  they  had  missed  the  University,  friends,  lecturers.  The  students  said  that they had  managed  to have  a  rest  and  they’re  ready to  start  the  new  academic  period  with great enthusiasm.

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Note,  that  according  to schedule  established  by  ASUE  curriculum the internship  of  the 4th  year  students of  Bachelor’s  Degree  and  the 2nd  year  students  of  Master’s  Degree started  today. The  whole  schedule is  presented  hereհպտհ-պրակտիկա-264.

We  wish  everybody  success.


ASUE  Media  and  Public  Relations  Division