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Anna  Ghalayan  and  Lusine  Khachatryan, the  students  of  Master’s  Degree  at  the  Department  of  Finance,  won  respectively the 1st and the 3rd places, got certificates and monetary prizes (300.000 AMD  and  100.000 AMD)   in the “Competition for Students Interested in Insurance”  organized  by  “Rosgosstrakh-Armenia” insurance company.  Anna  Ghalayan also  received right  to participate  a  three-day- experience  in  "Rosgosstrakh" Mother Company  in  Moscow. Levon  Kocharyan,  ASUE  student, got  a  certificate  in the  same  competition. 

P.S. He  and  Hakob  Klekchyan,  ASUE another   student, had  got  scholarships earlier  by  “Rosgosstrakh-Armenia”  company (Anna  Ghalayan, the  1st prize).  Note that  the  award   ceremony  took  place  on January 31. The  competition,  organized  by  the   mentioned  insurance  company,  consisted  of  a  several  stages,  the  participants  should present  a  project  during  the  last  stage  which  would  be  a  novelty  in the  insurance  market.

ASUE  Media  and  Public  Relations  Division  talked  with  the  winners.  Anna  Ghalayan  (the  1st  prize) mentioned    that  she  had  presented  work  entitled  “Critical Illness Insurance”   and  Lusine  Khachatryan (the  3rd  prize)  said  that   she  had  presented  the  theme  entitled “Rented Flats Insurance”  studying the international experience.

The  students  mentioned   that  they’re  impressed by    the  competition, both  highlighted the  effectiveness of participation  in terms  of  enrichment  of  theoretical and practical knowledge.

“The  competition  was  so  interesting  and  useful, it was a unique opportunity  to  conduct a  detailed study of a particular topic.  I  want  to  highlight  that   we  adopted  the  experience  of   leading  professionals  of  “Rosgosstrakh” company”; outlined  Anna.   

Anna  Aslanyan, the  acting  Head  of  the  Chair  of  Banking  and  Insurance, mentions  in the  interview  with  ASUE  Media  and  Public  Relations  Division  that Armenian  labor  market  needs good  specialists.

“We cooperate  with a  number  of  leading  organizations,  receive frequent calls from different companies, the  representatives  of  which  demand   qualified  specialists,  students,  who  will  become employees  of  the  mentioned  organizations.   

The profession of  insurance  is  demanded  and  many of  our  students are distinguished   with  professional  success”;  said  Anna  Aslanyan.

We  congratulate  our  students  and  wish  new  success.

P.S. The  photos  are  provided  by  “Rosgosstrakh-Armenia”  insurance  company.

ASUE  Media  and  Public  Relations  Division