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An “Open Class”   was  conducted  at the  2nd  year  students  of    the  Department  of  Marketing  and  Business  Management  today. Lilit  Kolyan, the  conductor  of  the  class,  Candidate  in Economics,  Assistant  Professor,  informed  that  the  students  had conducted  a  research  joint  with “VIS”  company.

During the  class the  students  presented  the  results  of  their  study,  analyzing  them. General  research  of  honey  market  was  conducted.

The  representatives  of “VIS”, “Coca-Cola”  companies  and  the  State Commission for Protection of Economic Competition  of  the  Republic of  Armenia  participated  in it.

In the  interview  with  ASUE  Media  and  Public  Relations  Division  Lilit  Kolyan  mentioned  that the  students  were  greatly  interested  in such  measures.

“The  practical  work  permits  to  use theoretical  knowledge.  Presenting the  results  of  research  during  “Open  Classes” is  important as  the  students  participate  in them,  hence  they  are  interested  in the  topic of  the  class.  More  than a  month  the  students  have  studied  the  example  of  “VIS”  company  and  the  latter,  getting acquainted  with  the  students’ skills,    expressed willingness to cooperate and to work with them in future”;  said  Lilit Kolyan.

In the  Interview  with  ASUE  Media  and Public  Relations  Division Ararat  Zakaryan, the  Head of  the  Chair  of  Marketing,  highlighted this  format  of  classes  and  mentioned that   a  unique method  was  developed  in the Chair  to  conduct  such  classes.  The  Head of  the  Chair  said  that the practical  work  was  important  as  the  students conducted  with  the  employer,  they were  able  to  compare theoretical  and  practical  knowledge,  prepared  for  the  practice.

The  students  also  like  this  way  of  conducting  classes.   “We  have conducted research due  to  which  we  acquired  practical  knowledge.  We  have  also  suggested ways  to  ensure greater purchasing capacity”;  said  Mery  Karamyan, a  student.

ASUE  Media  and Public  Relations  Division