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The  plenary  session of  the  36th  SSS was  held  today  at ASUE  Conference  Hall. Gagik  Vardanyan,  the  Vice-Rector  of  Science  and  International  Relations, Vladimir  Gevorgyan, the  Chairman of ASUE SSS,  members  of  SSS,  lecturers, students participated in it.

Gagik  Vardanyan acclaimed  the beginning  of  the  session,  welcomed  the  participants,  outlined  that the  start  of SSS  was one  of  the  important  events  in  the  University scientific  life. The  Vice-Rector  mentioned  that in 2013 ASUE  had  made unprecedented investment in the development of science, investing 4 percent  of  the  own  budget in  research  work, involving students  of  Master’s  and  Bachelor’s degrees  in these  activities.

“Research  work  is  an integral part of  scientific activity,  hence,  it  is  so  important. From this point I would like to note  that 2014 is going to be full of pleasant surprises. I  wish  everybody  a successful and productive working  year”;  said  Gagik  Vardanyan .

Maria  Avanesova,   the  President of  the  SSS  at  the  Department  of  Computer Science and Statistics,  presented  the  goals, mission, the frequency of sessions, stages of the  SSS,  the  activity  of  the  SSS  in 2011-2013,  noting  that  2011  was  breakthrough as  the  number  of  participants grew,  SSS attributes  were  created.

Vladimir  Gevorgyan,  Ashot  Matevosyan,  the  Dean of  the  Department  of  Accounting  and  Audit,  welcomed  the  participants.

Karlen  Khachatryan, the  Chairman  of  the  Union  of  Young  Scientist  at  YSU,  was  present  at  the  plenary  session  as  a  special  guest,  he  highlighted the  cooperation  between two  Universities  and  mentioned  that  ASUE   was  among the  5  Universities,  which  carried  out  active  student  scientific  activity.

In  the  interview  with  ASUE  Media  and  Public  Relations  Division  Vladimir  Gevorgyan  mentioned; “The 36th SSS is  new  stage  in a  development  plan, more  than 90  students  participate in it, the  number  of  participants  has  increased with  30 percent over the previous years.  Student research  projects  are  planned  on financing basis, which  will  activate  the  students’  participation in  scientific  work.  I  wish  everybody  success”.

Note, reports  will  be  presented at the  Departments  on December 18, 19  and 20.

ASUE  Media  and Public  Relations  Division