Extracurricular Course in the Matenadaran

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Extracurricular courses also play an important role in the effective learning process: with this consciousness the 1st year  students  of  Marketing specialty visited Matenadaran headed  by Marine Nikoghosyan, Associate Professor  at the Cahir  of Marketing, PhD in Economics. The  visit aimed at familiarizing students with the peculiarities of marketing activities carried out by Matenadaran, to get acquainted with the nuances and difficulties of the sector, to make a better and more comprehensive understanding of cultural marketing.

In the first part of the visit, the students toured around the museum section of Matenadaran, got acquainted with the exhibits and their history, and then had a very interesting meeting with Vardi Keshishyan, Head of International Relations Department of Matenadaran, who introduced the structure of the building. The latter is proud to note that Matenadaran is one of the few self-sufficient museums in Armenia, though it is always under the state patronage, however, thanks to many visitors, is able to care for its basic needs independently.

The Directorate of Matenadaran initiated the activities of the "Mashtots" Armenian Cultural Preservation and Development Foundation, sponsored by the Boston-based Armenian women, Maria and Beatrice Ghrdian, which enables the organization to carry out a range of important scientific and cultural and educational programs, such as training for young researchers,  the process of preserving the flower art and transferring it to future generations with the help of the "Little Florentine" etc.

The interesting conversation was followed  by the questions and suggestions made by the students, which were welcomed by Mrs. Vardi Keshishyan.

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