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The  solemn  opening  ceremony  of  photography  contest, which  was  attended  by  Koryun Atoyan,  ASUE  Rector, Sevak  Khachatryan,  the  Chairman  of the  SC,  members  of  ASUE,  the invited  jury,  took  place  today  within the  framework of  “Student Autumn-2013”  annual  sport-cultural  festival.

Here  is  the  names  of  the  winners:

  1.  Gevorg  Sargsyan-the Department  of  Marketing  and  Business  Management,
  2. Elen  Ulyan-the Department  of  Accounting  and  Audit,
  3. Aida  Baghramyan-the  Department  of  Accounting  and  Audit.

Grigor  Danielyan,  the  member  of  the  jury,  mentioned  that  the  winners  were  chosen  according  to  two  important  circumstances:  the  idea  and  the  quality  of  the  photo.


the 1st place


the 2nd place                                                               the 3rd  place

We  congratulate  all  winners, as  well as  the  participant  and  wish them  new  creative  achievements.

 ASUE  Media  and  Public Relations  Division