ASUE Scientific-educational Laboratories Started to Work

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4 Scientific-educational laboratories - “Financial Inclusion” /Director: Sergey Sukiasyan, Doctor  of Sciences, Associate Professor/, “Monetary Policy and Economic Growth” /Director: Ashot Matevosyan, Doctor  of  Sciences, Professor/, “Innovative and Institutional Research” /Director: Atom Margaryan, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor/ and “Social Research” /Director: Elena Manukyan, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor/, have  been  established  at Armenian State  University of Economics.

Khoren Mkhitaryan, Head  of Science  and PhD Division, stated  that scientific-educational laboratory is  a team of Faculty staff, scientific workers, PhD students, students  dealing with academic various research, the basis of which is the creation of an appropriate environment for the implementation of collective projects within the  given Department /according to the  Regulation on “Competition for Research Projects of Scientific-research Groups” approved by ASUE Scientific Board on March 26, 2014/.

Scientific-research laboratories are built on the principles of horizontal cooperation and become the basis for the growth of academic environments.

Our interview about the key directions, problems and perspectives of the scientific-educational laboratories  is  presented  below:

-Mr. Mkhitaryan, please mention the necessity of establishing scientific-educational laboratories

As a result of analysis of the modern model of higher university education, the need for urgent development of institutional capacities of scientific and research activities becomes obvious  in the conditions of exceptional sharp competition of educational services, which implies the establishment of scientific-educational laboratories for the integration of educational and scientific processes, aimed  at raising the efficiency of fundamental and applied research, as well as the innovative  potential in the  field  of scientific and scientific-research activity.

- And in general, what are the main problems facing research laboratories?

Implementation of scientific activities, research on national economic development issues, the analysis of national and international research publications in the field of economic mathematical modeling and quantitative assessment of the national economy, involving ASUE professors, students and PhD students in laboratory activities and using the outcomes of scientific research in  educational process, preparation of new educational courses in Bachelor's and Master's degrees, as well as joint scientific research with foreign Universities' scientific centers are the main issues of ASUE  scientific-educational laboratories, which  are  greatly  highlighted. Particularly, “Innovative and Institutional Research”  and “Social Research” laboratories are going to conclude a joint research agreement with our partner Swiss UMEF University aimed at carrying out international research in the mentioned spheres.

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