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“Student Autumn-2013”  festival  launched  yesterday, on November 12,   with  chess  competition .

The  Chair  of  Physical Training, First Aid and Civil Defense  informed  that according to  the schedule  the  chess  competition should  be  held  on  2  days,  on November  12  and  13,  however,  by  the  Student  Council’s  proposal   it was  held  on  only  one  day (the  SC  participates  in    “Look to  the  Future” a three-day Youth Conference – Exhibition).

ASUE  Media and  Public  Relations  Division talked  to  Simon Hakobyan,  the  acting  Head  of  the  Chair  of   Physical Training, First Aid and Civil Defense,  and  Lyudmila  Hovhannisyan,  chess  coach.  The  latter  is  also  the   chief  referee  of  the  match,  mentioned  that,  overall, the  students  of  all  Departments  are  well  prepared.  Lyudmila  Hovhannisyan  presented  the  results  of  the  yesterday’s  match:

the 1st- the  Department  of  Finance:  13 points,

the  2nd- the  Department  of  Accounting  and  Audit:  12  points,

the  3rd- the  Department  of  Management:  12  points,

the 4th- the  Department  of   Computer Science and Statistics: 9  points,

the  5th-  the  Department  of  Marketing  and  Business  Management,

the 6th- the  Department  of  Regulation of Economy 
and International Economic Rеlations.

Note  that  ping pong  inter department  competition  will  be  held  on  tomorrow.

We  congratulate  the  Department  of  Finance  and  other  Departments    for  the  victory.

ASUE  Media  and  Public  Relations  Division