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Chess  competition   between  different  departments  was  held  on  within the  framework  of  “Student  Autumn-2013”  sport-cultural  festival  today  at  14:00  at ASUE  foyer.

A  number  of  students,  employees  of  the  Chair  of  Physical Training, First Aid and Civil Defense were  present, Ashot  Matevosyan,  the  Dean of  the  Department  of  Accounting  and  Audit,  Miqayel  Tavadyan, the  Dean of  the  Department of  Management,  Atom  Margaryan,  the  Dean of  the  Department  of Regulation of Economy 
and International Economic Rеlations  and  others  encouraged  the   students.

Chess  competition  will  be  continued  also  on November 13  and   after  it  the  results  will  be  summarized.



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