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“Student  Autumn-2013” inter-department  sport  games  will  start  tomorrow. “Student  Autumn”  is  an  annual sport-cultural festival at  ASUE  and  is  devoted  to International  Student  Day.  Sport  and  cultural  competitions  between  the  Departments  are  planned  to  carry  out  within  the  framework  of  the  festival.

ASUE  Media  and  Public  Relations  Division  talked    with Sergey  Kharatyan, the  Vice-President of  the  Student  Council,  he  mentioned that  “Student Autumn” is  one  of  the  main  measures  of  each  academic  year, and  especially  the  1st  year  students  actively  participate  in it.

“It is  already  the  2nd  year that  the “Student Autumn”  annual  festival  has  been  expanded:  it  includes   both  cultural  and  sport   measures  and  it   has  been  renamed  sport-cultural  festival”;  said  Sergey Kharatyan.

Note,  that  “Student  Autumn”  is  organized  by  the  joint  initiative  of  the  University  Student  Council  and  the  Chair  of  Physical Training, First Aid and Civil Defense. 

The  acting  Head  of  the  mentioned  Chair  Simon Hakobyan,  who  is  the  main  organizer  and  coordinator  of  the  festival’s  sport  measures,  said, “Sport  inter-department  games  and  competitions  organized  within  the  framework  of  the  festival aim  to  improve  the  students’  sport-health  life,  to contribute to the improvement of health and physical abilities of students,  to  find  out  talented  students  and  to  involve  them  in the  University’s teams  and  prepare  them  for  the  RA  2014  Student  Sport  Games,  to  strengthen  interconnection  between    a student  and a lecturer”;  highlighted  Simon Hakobyan.

He  informed  that the  schedule  of  games   has  already  been established  and  will  start  tomorrow,  on November 12.

Note  that  the winning  Department  will  be  awarded  with  the  portable  cup,  and the  teams  and  athletes  will  be  awarded  with  certificates. 

Note  that  “Student  Autumn-2013”  sport-cultural  festival  will  be  organized  on November 12-30.

We  wish  success  to  all  participants.

P.S.  the  photo  is  taken  from the  official  page  of  SC  in Facebook.

ASUE  Media  and  Public  Relations  Division