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The  Head  of  ASUE  Science  Division  Khoren Mkhitaryan draws  the University’s  Faculty  staff  attention   on  the  schedule  of  International  Economic  Conferences  in 2014,  urging  his  colleagues  to  participate in them actively,  as the  internationalization  of  the  University  implies  active  research  and  creative  work,   participation in  Armenian  and  International  scientific  Conferences.

The  schedule  of  the  conferences  is  presented  below,  the  Head  of  the  Division  assures  that the  list  would  be  updated  regularly:

On March 28-30, 2014, Tokyo, Japan,

On  April  25-26, 2014,   Greenbelt, USA,

On  February 21-23, 2014,   Sanya, China,

On June  5-7, 2014,   Bangkok, Thailand,

On May  27-30, 2014,  San Jose, Costa Rica,

On  March  16-18, 2014, San Antonio, United States,

On  February  11-12, 2014, Singapore,

On March  11-12, 2014, New York, USA,

On  January  5-7, 2014,  Miami, USA,

On  March  26-28, 2014,  Venice, Italy,

On  January  9-10, 2014,  New Orlean, USA, 

On  March  17-19, 2014,  Hiroshima, Japan,

On August 11-14, 2014,  Dubai, UAE,

On January 6-9, 2014,  Hawaii, USA,

On April  2-4, 2014,  Nagoya, Japan,

On  July, 2014,  Florence, Italy

We  are  glad  to  inform  that   Khoren Mkhitaryan,  the  Head  of   ASUE  Science  Division,   has  become  a  member  of  Core Editorial Board  of  International  Centre  of Economics, Humanities and  Management   (ICEHM)  and  a  coordinator  of  scientific sessions organized by the relevant departments of the Centre.

Khoren  Mkhitaryan  informs  that he  is looking  forward  to ASUE  lecturers’     scientific  articles  and  their  participation in scientific  sessions  organized  by  ICEHM.

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