Students have Studied the Peculiarities of Entrepreneurship Development

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Today, a group  of  2nd year  students  of economics  specialty – Mane Khachatryan, Radik Khalatyan, Arman Arakelyan, Tatevik Sedrakyan  and Alla Ghazanchyan presented a  report during training course of “Introduction to Macroeconomics”.

The open lecture  was attended by Firuza Mayilyan, acting Head of Theory of Economics, organizers – lecturers  of the  mentioned  training  course Ruzanna Armenakyan, Associate Professor of the  mentioned Chair, PhD in Economics  and Tatevik Mkrtchyan, Assistant Professor, PhD in Economics.

Students  have studied  one of the topics they  are  interested in and prepared report on “The Peculiarities of Entrepreneurship Development in the  Republic of  Armenia: Trends and Obstacles”.

At first, they gave a characteristic information: What is an enterprise and entrepreneurial activity?, who is an entrepreneur? and what definitions are formulated by well-known economists -  Schumpeter, Nolan Bushnell and others, What features does it have? … Then entrepreneurial rights, the most common types of entrepreneurial activity, the legal forms of organizing the enterprise were listed.  Students also made a comparative analysis between small and medium-sized businesses, pointing out the advantages and disadvantages. During the second part of the report the SME issues in the RA, the development possibilities were  revealed.

Tatevik Mkrtchyan  stated; “Open lectures contribute to the development of students' oral speech, team work, directing them to carry out independent scientific research”.


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