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The 2795th   anniversary  of Erebuni-Yerevan is  celebrated  this  year,  measures devoted  to it has  begun  today and  will  be  over  tomorrow  according to  the  schedule  of events provided  by  Yerevan Municipality.

ASUE  Student  Council  has  organized  a  flesh mob  devoted  to  the  anniversary  of  our  capital,  during  which  our  students perform  national  dances, shaking  Armenian flag  in their  hands.

Representatives  of  ASUE  Administration: the  Vice-Rectors,  also  became  the  participants  of  the  flesh mob,  they  told  ASUE  Media  and Public Relations  Division  about  their  memories  regarding  this  feast.

“This  is  a  feast  for  all Armenian  people,  one  of  Armenian most  beautiful  ones. Seeing  this  beautiful  measure  organized  by  the  students, I  remember, that I also participated  in  measures  devoted  to  the 2750th  anniversary  of Yerevan  years ago  as  a student.  Organizing  such  kinds  of  measures at Universities  is desirable  and  pleasant”; said  the  Vice-Rector  of  Educational-Organizational  Matters Mihrdat  Harutyunyan.

“Looking  at  this  beautiful  student  atmosphere,  happy  students, I  remember  my  student  years, as  we  also  celebrated  this  beautiful feast”; said  the  Vice-Rector of  Educational-Methodological  Matters Paruyr  Qalantaryan.

The Head of  Student  Council Sevak  Khachatryan highlighted  the role  of  organizing  such measures, as  it  joins students,  makes  the  students’  life  interesting.

“Yerevan is our  home  city and  joins   everybody. I  came  from Dilijan,  but live  in Yerevan  now. The  city has become familiar to me, I  love  its  beautiful  streets, lively youth  atmosphere”; said  one of the  students.

The students  have also organized  a  hospitability  at  ASUE  yard:  national  dishes  synthesized with Armenian patterned carpet, clayey  pitchers.

The  students hang balloons in the colors of  Armenian   flag  from the  windows  of  the  Department of  Regulation of Economy 
and International Economic Rеlations  as  a symbol  of  peace.

ASUE  Media  and Public  Relations  Division