Maria Johann Leaves Armenia with Bright Impressions: Yesterday She Delivered the Last Lecture

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In the frames of cooperation between ASUE and Warsaw School of Economics and “Erasmus+” program, from October 23rd  to 26th  Maria Yoha, the representative of Warsaw school of Economics was hosted at ASUE and delivered the  second lecture on “Branding of Touristic Directions” yesterday. The  lecture  was  attended  by the employees of the organizer – ASUE Foreign Relations Division, students – mainly the  ones  of international economic relations specialty.

At the  beginning of the  meeting  she  spoke  about the  impressions from Armenia and  as  the  topic related  to tourism she viewed our  country  through the  eyes  of tourist; “I'm impressed by the wonderful nature and weather of Armenia, I have managed to be in Garni, Geghard, Sevan, and a number of places in Yerevan.

Perhaps it is normal for you, but it is amazing for me to see such sunny and beautiful weather in this period of the year. I have managed to get acquainted with your history as well, and I know that Armenians are  people fighting for freedom  and independence. I'm greatly  admired your country".

During the lecture, tourism was highlighted as an important direction of economic development and issues related to tourism attractiveness, branding the country, right advertising of the strong sides, presenting interesting offers to tourists and providing quality services were discussed.

In the second part,  Maria Yoha drew attention of the students to her research on "Poland as a Country of Travel".

The  delegate  of Warsaw School of Economics met employees of  “AMBERD” research center  speaking about the opportunities for research cooperation.

So  the visit of foreign lecturer  was summed  up.

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