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Another  presentation of the 3rd intermediate reports  of  ASUE  Internal Scientific grants took  place  today  at  ASUE Conference  Hall.

The  Vice-Rector  of  Science  and  International  Relations  Gagik  Vardanyan  welcomed  the presents, stressing  that these  seminars  had an important  role on the  way  of  making  our  University   a  research  one.  The Vice-Rector  highlighted the  students’  participation  in these  seminars  and  said  that their  active  involvement in  research  works was  expected.

“The  researches implemented by  our  University are  aimed to  raise exiting  economic problems,  to  promote our  country  to  reach the development  orbit”,  added  the  Vice-Rector.

The  Head of  ASUE  Science  Division Khoren Mkhitaryan presented  the  first  topic  entitled  “Innovative-technological Modernization  of  the  RA Economy  in Long-term  Institutional  Transformation”.   The  Director  of the topic,  the  Dean of the  Department  of  Regulation of Economy 
and International Economic Rеlations, Candidate  in Economics, Associate  Professor  Atom Margaryan  mentioned  that their scientific-research  team  had  made  serious analysis.

The  status  of  in the  RA  innovative  sector,  the  influence of global financial-economic  crisis on developing countries  in 2008-2009 were  presented  during the seminar. 

The  Director  of  the  topic showed  the  position of  Armenia, through the diagram, in the sector  of  global  innovative  technologies,  stressed  that a significant increase  had  been  registered  in recent  years.  Global Innovation Index in 42 countries  was  introduced,  Armenia was  among the  subgroup  of  below average countries. However,  it’s  noted  that  Armenia  is leader in the region: among  Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Iran.

The  next  topic  entitled  “Issues  to  Improve  the  Methodology  for  Determining  the  Payment  of  Environmental  and  Natural  Resource  in the  RA”  was  presented.  This  research work  is done  by  the  Chair, the  Director  of  which is  the  Head  of  the  Chair  of   Environmental Economics, Doctor  in Economics, Professor  Suren Gevorgyan.  The  latter  presented  a number of schemes  regarding  the  topic,  for example, dynamics  of payments for  environmental and natural  resources (2006-2011.), the  structure  of  payment  for  natural  resource  in 2011,  dynamics  of  payments  for  mining  in 2000-2011  and  etc.  An Associate Professor, Candidate  in  Chemistry  Razmik Petrosyan  continued  to  present  the  topic, who  also introduced  their  work  through schemes.

Discussion  was  held on  around  the  topics  after  the  presentations.

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