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The  2nd presentation of  the  3rd  intermediate reports  of  ASUE Internal  grants  took place   today  at  ASUE  Conference  Hall.

Doctor of Philosophy,  ProfessorValeri Mirzoyan presented the  topic entitled “Linguistic logical  analysis of  modern  economic discourse”.

The  Vice-Rector of  Science  and  International  Relations  Gagik Vardanyan  welcomed the presents,  highlighted the  role  of  research  works  and involvement of students in these activities.  He  also  mentioned  that the  serial  of  seminars  was  aimed  to spread the knowledge, which  are acquired in the  results  of  researches: quoting “The knowledge is the only thing that increases by sharing, not decreases”.

Valeri  Mirzoyan mentioned that it’s  a  great event  to provide  such grants  and  stressed  the  importance  of  the  topic for  the students  of  Master’s  Degree.

Valeri  Mirzoyan  referred  to  the  most  common linguistic logical  mistakes,   stylistic asperities, morphological failures in  economic discourse.

Printed errors  were  raised  and along  with  those  mistakes  the  correct  and  preferred  forms  were  presented. The  Professor  stressed  that in order  to  avoid  repetitions  in  discourse  we  should  enrich our  lexicon.

The  research  work  was  summarized  with practical advices, which  were  quotations of famous people.

The Head  of  ASUE  Science  Division Khoren Mkhitaryan  expressed  gratitude  on  behalf  of the  presents to  Valeri  Mirzoyan  for  pure provision of  our  language.

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