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The  Head of  ASUE  Accounting Division Anush  Margaryan provided two  announcements  to ASUE  Media  and Public  Relations  Division  to be  published: one  for  the  students  and  another  for  the employees.  The  announcements  are  presented  below:

The  students  studying at  “Armenian State  University  of  Economics”  State Non-commercial organization  and  get  scholarship should  present  their  denominated bank account  to ASUE  Accounting  Division  to  get  their scholarship  and  the  students, who don’t  have  bank  account  should  present  the  copy  of their  passport  and  social security card  to  open  a  bank  account. 

The  employees  of  “Armenian State  University  of Economics” State Non-commercial organization  who don’t  receive electronic  version of   their  salary calculation papers  should present  their  e-mails to  ASUE  Accounting  Division.

 ASUE  Media  and Public Relations  Division