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A debate entitled“Armenian Spiritual and Moral Character or Identity”  organized  within the  framework of  “AMBERD”  Research  Center’s  project-“Spiritual and Moral Security”  took place  today  at  the Chair  of   Philosophy and Armenian History.  Lecturers  of  the Chair  and  the  staff  of  “AMBERD” Research  Center: the  Director, Doctor  of  Economics, Professor   Samvel  Avetisyan, the  Director  of “National Security Researches”,  Candidate  of  Economics Vardan Atoyan,  Senior  Research  Collaborator,  Candidate  of  Economics  Suren Babajanyan  participated in  it.

The  speaker  was  the  Head of  the  Chair  of  Philosophy and Armenian History, Doctor  of  Philosophy, Professor  Aram  Sargsyan.  Introducing  a  number  of  issues   exposuring identity of  Armenian nation,  at  the  same  time highlighting the  cognition and interpretation of  the nation's historical past,  adverting  famous Armenians,  Aram Sargsyan  presented  for   the  discussion  the nation’s  identity, its  mission and the directions  of  fulfilling  them.  The speaker proposed sharp, but vital issues,  referring  also  to  the  nation’s spiritual and moral  security.

Professor  Suren Sargsyan,  Associate  Professor  Yuri Hovakanyan,  Professor  Assistant Suren Babajnayna acted  with  speeches.  

The Director  of “Amberd” Research Center  Samvel Avetisyan summarized the  debate.  He  mentioned  that the  speaker discussed the Armenian’s  spiritual and moral  character comprehensively  and  deeply. Expressing his concern over the raised  issue, he said that moral  potential and  skills  of  specialists should  be  joint  and  used  to  solve  the  raised problems.  Particularly,  he  stressed  that  national  idea  should  be  formulated,  which should  unit the  Nation and the idea  should  be  disseminated  from  school.

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