Pupils of N1 School in Aragatsavan were Hosted at ASUE

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Today, members  of teaching staff  of the N1 secondary school  in Aragatsavan  and the 8th-12th form pupils were hosted at ASUE. Mihrdat Harutyunyan, Vice  Rector  of Educational-organizational matters, presented the specialties, tuition fees, conditions of studying, including admissions exams, social programs implemented at the University, criteria and principles for the use of discount of tuition fees, detailed  information on “Erasmus +” exchange program  and  etc.. The  Vice Rector referred  to opportunities  of involving  students  in scientific-research  activities, the  Student Council activities  and  etc.  

ASUE Educational Division has  submitted the  information adding that  at the  end  of  the  meeting the  pupils took a tour around the  University, particularly in the  building of Department of  Management, computer  center, “AMBERD” research center, library, gym.



ASUE media and Public  Relations Division 

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