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Dear first  year  students,

we  congratulate you  on the Day  of  Knowledge, and  for  the  title  of  becoming first  year student.

Your  decision of  choosing our   University in case  of  diverse educational services  and  modern  conditions  of  high  competition  shows   the  good reputation and a strong authority  to  prepare  highly  qualified  economists,  which  is a  great  honor  for  us.

Armenian State  University  of  Economics goes  on  the  nice  tradition of  implementing University  education, has  established  a  higher level  of development. It  is  already  two  years we  have  started a  full  project  of  reforms  under  “We  are  changing”  heading.  We  have  created  University  new  flag, slogan, brending   colors,  logo,   blanks, we  have  a  wonderful  website, which  is  the  best  one  among  the  University  websites, and it’s  the  first  one  in  rating  scale  recently.

We  have  started  the  changes  from  the  University’s  appearance trying  to  be different  in  education  system, we  have  undertaken serious steps   to  increase  the   education  quality, the goal of  which  is  to prepare highly  qualified, informed  and demanded specialists in labor  market. 

Our  goal  is  to  provide the  worthy  place  of  our  student  in labor  market  that’s  why we have  signed a number of cooperations   with  state  and  private sector.  In the  result  of  which  our  students find  their appropriate  place  at  specific employers. 

Dear students,

our  University undertakes progressive  steps to  make  our  University  a scientific-research center.  Creation of  “Amberd” research  center  is  a  significant  step  in this  context. We  hope that it  will be a  good  opportunity  for  development  and  progress of  science for  our  students.  Both lecturers  and  students  should  work  in the  center  and  get  salary.

 Different  and a  number  of   steps  directed  improvement of   the  quality  of  education services  are  continuous and  include  creation  of   from  qualified education  to  confortable, good  environment.  The whole  University is  being  repaired and we  already  have  a  University beautiful  yard,  newly repaired    and furnished  canteen, where  the  food  is  available with the lowest prices, new  center of   organizing international  projects  equipped with  the high  technology,  computer  and  technically equipped auditoriums, the  number  of  which is  increasing  day  by  day, internet  connection  throughout the University, WiFi connection  at  the  University  yard, electronic  library and  catalogue, various centers  and  corners  of  organizations  in the  result  of  different cooperations.

Our  students spend  their  summer  holidays in “Tntesaget” sport-health  resort  in Dilijan. We  have  a  repaired  and newly  furnished hostel, the service  of  which  is almost free to you.

Dear  first  year  students,

I  want  to refer  the  increasment  of  tuition fees  and  stress that it  contains  a  serious social package. I’ll  meet  the  students  of  different  Departments  and  will present the  regulation,  developed by  our  University,  and  which  will be  operated  since  this  academic  year.  It  contains  a  system regarding  scholarships,  discounts, benefits, compensations,  and  the  Administration of the University recommends  that any good studying, but vulnerable student won’t be  deprived the  opportunity  to  get education. So,  I call  you to  think  only  about  you  education  and  the  Administration of  the  University  will think  about the solution to  social  problems.  So,  favorable  conditions are  created  for  you  and  your  study, and  you  should  only sacredly fulfill your student duty: to  study  well.

Dear  students,

I assure  that  we’ll  achieve  greater heights, and  I  strictly  highlight the  role  of  cooperation  with  you. Our  actions  are  focused  on a  student,  hence, I am looking  forward  to mutual understanding and combined effort.

Sure    all  your  positive initiatives  will meet worthy support of  the  University  administration.

Dear  parents,

I congratulate  you, as a  big dream of the Armenian parent’s life is to give an education to his/her son. I believe that we will do everything to ensure the quality of education for your sons”.

I congratulate  you on your  enter  to  our  University  once  more  and  wish  great  success  and  good  luck.

 ASUE  Rector,  Doctor in Economics, Professor

Koryun Atoyan