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Armenian State  University  of  Economics  will  carry  out  a  number  of  social  programmes for  its  students  since  new  academic  year. These  programmes  will  focus  on several  areas, the  aim of  which  is to give   good studying,  but vulnerable  students  an opportunity  to  actualize the  right  of  their  education.

The  complex  of  these  problems was  discussed  at  ASUE Rectorate  Board’s session,  and  the  issues  regarding  establishment of  scholarships  of  the  first  year  students, providing  them with   hostel with obtainable prices, the lowest prices at the university canteen service were approved.

So,  the  first year  good  studying  students  (since 4- threshold) will  get  monthly scholarships since the  2nd  semester,  but  for  the whole  year,  compensating  for the  months of  the  first  semester.

Monthly  scholarship  of  5-20 AMD has  been  established. The  project approved  at  Rectorate Board’s  session will  be  presented at  ASUE  Scientific Council and  after  it will  be posted  fully  at  ASUE  official  website.  “We  should encourage good  studying but vulnerable   students.  So  we  solve  not  only  a social  problems,  but  encourage the good  studying  students”, announced  ASUE  Rector  Koryun Atoyan, giving  recommendations  to  the  members  of  Rectorate  Board to  organize  the  solutions  of  these  problems as  good as  possible.  He  also  underlined  that this  procedure of  scholarships would be put into action, at  the  same  time  the former  system on tuition discounting would  be  preserved.

The  2nd  step  directed  to  solve the   students’ social  problems is  to  provide them  with  hostel with obtainable prices.   The  University is  going to  meet  its  students with repaired   and  newly  furnished hostel.  The  operation of  fully  repaired  and  appropriately  furnished  University  canteen, according to modern requirements,  is  also  directed  to  solve  this  problem,  the  price  of  food  will be  very affordable. “The  canteen should  work  with  a minimum profit, it’ll  only provide  self-cover costs”, stressed  the  Rector.

It is  already  few  years  that  ASUE  Administration  awards 50  free  tickets  of  “Tntesaget” sport-health  resort  to the  students  with   social activism  and high academic progress to  spend their  summer holiday  there.

Armenian State  University  of  Economics goes  on putting into  action new  means  to  solve the  students’ social  problems.  The  documents  and  regulations validating  all  these changes will  be  posted soon,  the  Administration of  the  University  will  present  it in details   on the  first  days  of  the  new  academic  year.

ASUE  Media  and  Public Relations  Division