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The Programme  Director  of “Integrity  Education Network” of   “Integrity  Action”  British non-governmental organization  Ellen Goldberg, as well as  the  Programme Manager  of  Eastern Europe and Central Asia  Harutyun Aleksanyan  were  hosted  at  ASUE Center for International Programmes.

The  meeting  is one  of  the series of measures organized  by “Integrity  Action”  in Armenia.

The previous  measure took place on August 24-28 in Tsakhkadzor  entitled  “Development of  curriculum for integrity  education”.  ASUE  Vice-Rector  of  Science  and  International Relation, Professor Gagik Vardanyan, representatives  of  a  number  of  Armenian Universities, delegates  from the Russian Federation and Georgia  participated  in the  four-day-workshop.

The  visit of  the Programme  Director  of “Integrity  Education Network” to our  University  is  due to   the  memorandum of  cooperation planned  between  “Integrity Action” British non-governmental organization and  ASUE,  the  aim  of  which is  to  implement academic, scientific-research work, to   contribute  the development of new training courses.

 Introducing the  guests  and  the aim  of  the  visit,  the  Vice-Rector  Gagik  Vardanyan  mentioned  that they would  speak about  integrity,  which  means  to  speak about  social capital, trust, as  in the  case  of  no  integrity there  are  corruption risks.  In this regard,  he  highlighted the  experience of advanced  countries  and  especially  to  introduce the  “Integrity Education network”  to the University faculty  staff.

Mrs. Goldberg  presented the  organization's activities around the world and  the  implemented  two main  programmes “Integrity Education Programme”  and “Community Integrity Building”.

Highlighting  the  dissemination  of  integrity  among  the society Mrs.  Goldberg   mentioned  that it is  resoluted  as an accountability,  ability  and  ethics without  corruption.

Harutyun Aleksanyan introduced  the  activity  of  the  programmme in his  region, expressed  hope  that the  cooperation with ASUE  would  be  effective,  would  enable  the introduction and implementation of new programs.

Then,  an Assistant  Professor  at  the  Chair  of   Financial Accounting  Suren  Babajanyan,  the  Head  of  the  Chair  of Philosophy and Armenian History  Aram  Sargsyan, the  Head  of the  Chair  of  Mathematical Methods in Economics  Ashot  Tavadyan  gave the  speakers questions.

P.S. The  last  photo  is  taken  from “Integrity  Action”  British non-governmental organization.

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