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2013-2014  academic year  will  start  on September 2. Armenian State  University  of  Economics opens  it door  in front  of  its  students. Additional  information regarding how the  University is  going to meet  the  student  will  be  available  soon.

Now  we  present  the  schedule  of classes  according to the  information  provided  by ASUE  Educational-Organizational Division.

Full-time  Bachelor’s Degree

Classes  of  the  1st-4th year students  will start  on September 2,  at 9:30.  The  ones  of  at  the  1st-3rd at  the  Department of  Computer Science and Statistics  will  start  at  9:30,  the  classes  of  the  4th  course at  14:05.

 Full-time  Master’s  Degree

The classes  of  the  2nd  year students  will also  start  on September 2  and  the  1st  year  students  should  attend classes  on September 9. The  classes will  start  at  14:05.

 Part-time Bachelor’s  and  Master’s  Degrees

We  present  the  schedule (Armenian version)  of  the classes of  the  1st-5th year  students of  Bachelor’s  Degree,  exams  and  classes  of  Master’s  Degree  according to  the  decree  established  on March 4, 2013  at  ASUE  Rectorate Board’s  Session.  Note  the  classes  start  at 14:05.

We  wish  our  students an  effective  study.

 ASUE  Media  and Public  Relations  Division