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ASUE Media  and Public  Relations  Division speaks with the  Executive  Secretary  of Admission Committee Vahan  Baghdasaryan today, he  mentions  that the  Committee  works hard during these  days.

V. Baghdasaryan informed  that the  deadline  of applying for the  part-time  Bachelor’s  Program  is  September 20, and  the  one  for  the  part-time  Master’s  Program  is  September 25.  For  more  information

The  exams  of Bachelor’s  Program will  be  organized on last  weekend in September  and the first  weekend in October,  the  ones  of Master’s  Program on October 1  and 2.

The exams  of  full-time Bachelor’s  Program for the applicants  from Diaspora will  be organized  on August 30.

Note, that  the  number  of  the  applicants  accepted in our  University was supplemented  by  another 23 ones: 18 applicants  from Nagorno-Karabakh Republic  and  5  ones  from YSU  Foundation department.

P.S.  The  Admission Committee works  every  working day  at  9:00-17:30.

ASUE  Media  and Public Relations  Division