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New  number  of  “Banber  ASUE”  has  been  already  published.  It  reflects  young  scholars’, lecturers’  creative  thoughts  and  fresh  ideas,  which  are  presented   as  researches,  analysis,  scientific articles.  You  can  read  a  number  of  interesting  and  useful  matirials  in new  number of “Banber”,  which  referr  to  different  fields. We  preset  the  the  following  issues  below:
Theory of Economics
Mushegh  Hakobyan “The Issue of Assessing  Fiscal  Sustainability”,
Regional Development
Ishkhan  Tigranyan, Ruzan Ghulyan “Characteristics of the Industry  and Analysis  of the Sectoral Structure in Armavir Marz”,
Ruzan  Mezhlumyan “Regional Features of  Hotel  Services  Market”,
World  Economy
Lilit  Hovakanyan “Postcrisis Development of World Economy”
Accounting  and  Audit
Artur  Galoyan “Reflecting the Consequences  of  Some  Provisions  of  the “Law  on Value  Added Tax” in Accounting”,
Agrarian Policy
Sergey  Melkumyan “The Problems  of  Efficient  Use  of  Lands as  the  Main National  Wealth”,
Vladimir  Manasyan “Risks  and Opportunities  to  Overcome  Them  in the Process  of  Specialization of  Agricultural  Production”,
Issues of  History
Aram Sargsyan “The  Origin, Internationalization of the Armenian Question, Lessons  and  Consequences”,
Science  and Education
Vardan Atoyan “ Think-Tanks”: Past, Present  and Future”,
Valeri  Mirzoyan “Some  Language  Formulation  Problems  of  Scientific  Publications”,
Creative  Economy
Jana  Parizkova, Rudolf Pastor “”Hashion Design  as a  creative  Industry-Worldwide  and  Slovak Perspective”,
New Books
Marieta Nikoghosyan, sargis  Hayrapetyan “Armenians  and  Economy  of  Turkey”.
Dear  readers,
this  number  of  “Banber”  has  been  published with  new  designed text-papers.
We  congratulate  the  authors  of  scientific articles  published in “banber”  and  wish  them  new achievments.
ASUE  Media  and Public  Relations  Division