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The  representatives  of  United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Economic Cooperation and Integration Division:  the  Head of  the  Department  Jose Palasine and  worker  Christopher Atey   met  the  Vice-Rector  of  ASUE  Science  and  International  Relations  Gagik  Vardanyan  and  discussed  issues  regarding   innovative development  project  in Armenia  within  the framework of  UN experts’ support format.
The guests were accompanied by the adviser  of  State  Committee  of  Science  of the  RA  Ministery  of  Education and  Science,  Candidate  of Chemical Sciences  Ashot  Khandanyan.

Jose Palasine  presented  the fundamentals  of   the  RA  innovative   development  project  during the  meeting: current   economic  and  innovative  activity, national  innovative system  and  management  of  innovative  activity, framework conditions, policy and tools,   creation of  knowledge  and institutes  of  innovative  development  support,   science-industry  contacts,  financing  of innovative  business, the  role  of  innovative  activity  in  international economic integration,  investment projects  by innovative   orientation.  
Jose Palasine  highlighted  the  mentioned  developments  in  challenges  facing  Armenia,  underlining  the  engagement  of  Armenian universities  in this  process  and  operation  of  their  intellectual potential.  UN  representatives  hoped that  their  mission  would  succeed  in Armenia.  
ASUE  Vice-Rector of  Science  and  International  Relations Gagik  Vardanyan  highlighted the  mission of  United Nations Economic Commission for Europe,  expressed  gratitude  for  the  support  and  presented the  point of  views  of   Armenian scientists  regarding the direction  of  innovative    development  in Armenia.  Professor  Vardanyan told  the  guests  that our  University  had  already  started  works regarding  this   direction  in  newly created "Amberd" Research Center  and  expressed  hope that  the researchers done there would  promote the  implementation of  the  presented   project.
He mentioned  with  satisfaction  that  the  Council of  the  University had agreed on the proper  financing  for researches.
Gagik  Vardanyan  highlighted  the  role of  the  Universities  such as  YSU, ASEU  and  YSMU  in  formation  of   national  innovative  system.
The  Vice-Rector  led   the  guests  to newly  created  center  of  international cooperation at  the  end  of  the  meeting  and  offered  to  spend  future  discussion  there.
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