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Another   educational  period is  going to be  over. The  2012-2013  academic  year  will  be  summarized  soon.  Lessons  and  tests  were  over  today  at  our  University. Exams  will  start  on June 10,  which  will  last three  weeks  and will  be  over  on June 25.
The  Vice-Rector  of  Educational-Organizational  Matters  Mihrdat  Harutyunyan  informed  about  this.  
The  students  are  getting  ready  to  pass  exams  with great enthusiasm and energy.  We wish  success  to  all  students.
Note, the  Administration of  the  University  is preparing  a  surprise  for  the  graduates.  We’ll  inform  you  about this  ceremony  soon.

 ASUE  Media  and Public Relations Division