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Gala concert  took  place  today  at  ASUE  Big  Hall during  which  talented  students  acted with  songs  and  dances. The  results  of  “Student Spring 2013” festival  were  summarized, the  winner  were  awarded at  the  end  of  the  concert.
The  senior  of  ASUE “IndexPro”  scholars’  team  Harutyun Arzumanyan  awarded  the  winners  of  scholars’  game  taken place  within  the  framework  of  “Student Spring 2013” festival. So,  the  Department of  Marketing  and  Business  Management  won the 1st  place, the  Department  of  Finance  was  the  2nd  one  and  the  Department of  Management  won  the 3rd  place.
Here  are  the  results  of  song  contest:
Shushan Armenakyan-the 1st place,
Qnarik Grigoryan-the 2nd place,
Syuzi Khachatryan-the 3rd place.
The  results  of dance  contest:
Anna Shashikyan-the 1st place,
Karine Harutyunyan  and  Narek  Noreyan- the 2nd  place,
Mery Grigoryan and Elen Ulyan- the 3rd  place.
The  chief editor  of “Econom PLUS” student  magazine  Hayk Bejanyan awarded  the winners.
The  winners  of  “Club of  cheerfuls  and  resourcefuls”  awarded  the  Vice President  of  ASUE  Student Council Sergey Kharatyan.  Hayk  Asatryan, Davit Minasyan, Sargis Hovhannisyan  won the  title “The  Best Actor”  and  got  certificates  and  Mariam  Voskanyan  won the  title  “The  Best Actress”.
The  Department of  Finance  won  the  awards  of  “The Sympathy  of  the  Audience”  and  “The  Best  Video”,  the  title  of  “The  Best  Music  Performance”  was  given  to  the  Department of  Computer Science and Statistics. The  Department of  Accounting and  Audit  won the  title  “The  Best  Programme”  and  became  the  winner.

We  congratulate  the  Department of  Accounting and Audit  and  other  participants  of  the  festival.
ASUE  Media  and Public  Relations  Division