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The 2nd  day  of student  symposium entitled “The  Challenges  and  Obstacles  of  the  RA  Economy”  launched  in Youth  Center  of Tsakhkadzor became  memorable: the  RA NA  President,  the  President of  ASUE  Council  Hovik Abrahamyan  visited  them.
“I am  glad to welcome  you  on the symposium entitled “The  Challenges  and  Obstacles  of  the  RA  Economy”. I should note with satisfaction  that  it  has  become  a  tradition  to  organize  annual student symposium  by  our  University”, started his  speech  the  RA  NA  President, the  President of  ASUE  Council  Hovik Abrahamyan and  added  that  organization  of   such  symposiums was  important  especially in the  context of  present  processes  taken  place  in international  economy.  Hovik Abrahamyan  said that we  should  have  a  such economy,  which would  have  direct  positive impact on the living standards of the citizens.
The  President of the University’s  Council  highlighted  the  effective  way  of  such  events,  offering  to  present  the  suggestions  and  conclusions arose  in the  result  of  symposium in  written  form, which could  also  help  the  Government.  Specifying the  National  Assembly  to  use  as an effective opportunity of  pluralism,  Hovik Abrahamyan suggested to  present  the  best  reports  of   the symposium to  be  presented in the  Parliament,  inviting the  executives  of  economy sectors. “We should  have a knowledge-based economy,  and  Armenian State  University of  Economics  should  do its  best  to  prepare  qualified  specialist  for  the  economy.”, mentioned  the  Head of  the Parliament, adding  that he’s  proud  that  his  native  University  organised  such  kinds  of symposiums.

The  Rector  of  the University Koryun Atoyan  also  welcomed  the  participants  and  mentioned, “ I  think  that  these  working  days  will  be effective for  you  and  you’ll  be  able  to develop your abilities of doing researches  and  to  close your contacts.  We  have  raised  it  for  many  times  and  now  we  assure  that  it’s very  important  for  us  to  develop  our  students’ abilities  to  do  scientific researches,   therefore,  I want to believe  that  this  opportunity will serve the purpose”.

The  Rector  Koryun Atoyan expressed  gratitude  to  Hovik Abrahamyan for  supporting  all  initiatives  directed to the  development of the  University,  consistently inquiring about the University's troubles and  heartly  responding them.  The  Head of  the  University  remembered  what  kinds of  projects   he  had  presented  directed  to  development and  improvement of  the  University’s education, teaching, research, internationalization, economic  directions  since   becoming  the  Head of  the  University. “A  lot of  work  has  been  been  done, but  it’s  only  a  small  part of  it  which is going to  be  done  yet.  We  have  to  implement  all  the  mentioned  projects”,  assured  Koryun Atoyan. The  Rector  thanked  the  President of  the  University’s  Council  Hovik Abrahamyan  once  again  for  supporting  the  implementation of  projects directed  to  development of  the University, mentioning, “I  am  sure  that  You do  everything  possible  to  contribute  the  development of  the University”.   Koryun Atoyan  express  gratitude to  Youth  Foundation of Armenia  for organizing  the  symposium.

The  RA NA  President,  the  President  of ASUE  Council  Hovik  Abrahamyan,  the  Rector  Koryun Atoyan  listened  to  the students’ reports, asking questions  to the  students,  participating  in discussions  actively.  “I  welcome  that  we  have  such  kinds  of  students”, underlined  Hovik Abrahamyan.
After  the  end  of reports the  students  had  an opportunity  to communicate  with the  University’s President,  who also played  tennis  with one  of  the  students.

The  students  thanked  the  RA  NA  President,  the  President  of ASUE  Council  Hovik Abrahamyan  for  the  visit   and  being  next to  the  students.  The  visit of the Council’s  President enthused  both  the  students  and the  University’s  Faculty  staff.  The three-day  student  symposium will  finish  its  works  tomorrow,  summarising the  results.

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