ASUE Rector Koryun Atoyan’s Meeting with the First Year Students was Held

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Today, Koryun Atoyan’s traditional meeting with the first year students was  held  at ASUE Conference Hall, which was attended  by Sevak Khachatryan, Vice Rector on Students  and Alumni Affairs  and Hovhannes Harutyunyan, ASUE SC President.

Rector started the meeting with a large number  of  freshmen by  presenting  the  University history, authority  and the  achievement of  the  recent  years. Koryun Atoyan  stated  that our  University  draws great attention to scientific-research activity  and has created good  conditions enabling students not only to be involved in these activities, but also to be paid.

“The  World  best Universities  are scientific-research institutions, so we attach great importance to the fact that both our lecturers and students have the opportunity to engage in science by raising the reputation of our University and contributing to education  quality improvement”; stated  the  University Head.

Education quality improvement is  the key  issue of  the  University’s  activity at  which  are  aimed  the  educational and  academic programs’  reform. International programs also offer a wide range of opportunities to our  students to study at foreign Universities not only acquiring new knowledge and getting  familiar to foreign educational practice, but also becoming part of intercultural communication.

Then  students asked the Rector about two dozen questions, mainly related to library service, access to electronic library, lack of professional literature, auditorium conditions, discount system, content of lectures. Koryun Atoyan answered the  students’ questions, clarified rules and approaches, and promised some issues to be resolved.

The Rector mentioned that there are also few gaps at the University, without which it is impossible to imagine such large institutions, but it is important that there be mutual understanding, respectful attitude and high consciousness of evaluating education.

Koryun Atoyan  called  not  to  focus  attention on technical issues  and to  use these wonderful years of studentship to achieve the most important goal – to acquire knowledge, which is  the best  guarantee for dignified life.


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