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ASUE  Media  and  Public  Relations  Divison  has  already informed  that  starts to  talk  to  the  Deans  of ASUE  Departments  to  find  out what  they  want to  see implemented in their  Departments’  life   in 2013.

Today  we  spoke  with  the  Dean of  ASUE  Department of  Marketing and  Business  Management  Tatul  Mkrtchyan.  “I  want  the  Faculty  staff    to  be  involved  in  scientific-research  works  actively,  to  take  part in  different  international  grant  programs”,   the  Dean  told   ASUE  Media  and  Public Relations  Division,  noting  that  the  participation  in such  programs  will  give  not  only an opportunity  to  publish  scientific  researches,  to  have  additional financial resources,  but    will  form  personal  ties  with the  representatives  of  foreign scientific   world.  Tatul  Mkrtchyan highlighted  the  conformation of  cooperations  with  foreign  Universities  both in life  of  the  University  and  the  Department  for  improving  the quality of education.  “It will  be  better  to  sign  cooperations  not  only  with the  Universities  of  our  Republic,  but  also    foreign  Universities,  to do faculty members’, students’ exchange, to  implement join  scientific-research  programs”,  said  the  Head of  the  Department.

The  latter  mentioned  that     the  greatest  wish’s  connected  with the  students; “I  want  the    Psychology  of  our  students  to  be  changed  and  they  realize   that they  shouldn’t    waste  the  time     given them  for  achieving   knowledge”.   

Tatul  Mkrtchyan  assured  the  students  to  be  more  involved    in  cultural,  sport  events. “ASUE  Management  goes  on    creating  appropriate educational environment  for  studying,  learning.    The only thing  is that everyone can take advantage of this opportunity”,    evaluating  the  reforms  taken place  in the  University  mentioned  the  Dean of  the Department.

 “ I  hope   we’ll  be  able  to  implement these  and  we’ll  say  that  2013  has  been  a  year  of       achievements and victories”,   said  Tatul  Mkrtchyan at the end.

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