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The  management  of  the  University,  the  Deans,  the  Heads  of  the  Chairs,  Faculty  staff,  the  representatives  of  the  students,  friends  of the  University’s  official  magazine  “Tntesaget”  and,  of  course,  creative team  headed  by  the  Rector  Koryun Atoyan  celebrated  the  35th  anniversary  of  the  magazine  at  ASUE  Conferance  Hall.

The  Rector  valued the  long and fruitful way  of  “Tntesaget”,  congratulated the  University’s staff and the editorial staff, saying:

“I am  sure, that each  person  connected  to  th  University:  a  student, a  lecturer,  a  worker can  assure  that   University press   has  an important  role   in  our  life  and  what  a  high  mission  it  has.  Having  passed  three and a half decade  way    our “Tntesaget”  has  created  a  history  specific  to  Univrsity  press,  has  passed  different  ways of  development  becoming  the  ratification  of  the  Economic  University’s  history.   Today  also,  preserving the traditions of the past, the  magazine  is  presented  in a new  way:  with  new printing quality,  design,   substantial new emphases”.   Koryun Atoyan  called the  members  of  the University  to  be involved in the  works  of  the  magazine  more  actively.   

Photographic  video  telling  about the  passed  history  of  the  magazine  was  presented. The  4th  course  student  of the Department of  Management  Armen  Arzrumtsyan  read  the accompanying text.

Long-term staff, friends  of  “Tntesaget”  an  Associate  Professor  at the  Chair  of  Philosophy  at  ASUE  Yuri  Hovakanyan  and  a  Professor  at  the  Chair of  Management Valeri  Mirzoyan  congratulated  and  said  warm  wards. 
 Yuri    Hovakanyan  said sincere speech   and  had  a  retrospect  view   of  magazine: birth, childhood, youth...  till  the  35th  anniversary.
“Its  life is  a generations’  life.  Not  only Mothers  and  Fathers,  but also  their  grandparents  of  the  today’s students  have  printed   their  reviews, articles and poems  in “Tntesaget”.   Many of  them are  waiting  for  the  regular  number  of  the  magazine  with  great  excitement,  where  their  children and  grandsons  are  printed...”, noted  Yuri  Hovakanyan.

Continuing  his  partner’s  speech  Valeri  Mirzoyan   characterized   ASUE  Media  and Public Relations  Division,  where  the  magazine  is  being  prepared,  as  a  place  of  working  full and active life,  which is  a  reason to  admire  and  to  imitate.

From the  authors  of  young  generation  an  Associate  Professor  at the  Chair  of  Philosophy   Sofia  Ohanyan stressed  the  continuity of traditions  and successor  of  values  and  wished  fruitful  way  to  the  magazine.

The  Governor  of Vayots  Dzor  Region, the  former Dean  of the  Department of  Management  Edgar  Ghazaryan  congratulated all  members  of  ASUE  on  the 35th  anniversary  of  beloved  magazine  (with  skype, live  video).
The  Head of  ASUE  Media  and  Public Relations  Division,  the  Chief Editor  of “Tntesaget”  magazine  Gohar  Gevorgyan,  expressing  gratitude  to  the  devotees  of  all  year  of  “Tntesaget”:  the  Rectors,  aditors,  workers,  staff,  underlined  that  remaining loyal to the best traditions and achievements  of  years,  the  magazine  continues  its  creative  way  in a  new   activities’  stage, in the staff  of  Media  and  Public Relations  Division.  She  informs  that the  anniversary  of  “Tntesaget”  coincides  with    the  1st  anniversary  of  ASUE  Media  and  Public Relations  Division,  which  has  gained a large audience  and  a  number  of  functions  during  this  one  year,  including  the  works  of  ASUE  official  magazine, official  website,  afficial  page  of  University in  Facebook,  going  ahead  to meet new challenges.

“Within  comprehansive  framework  of  our  activity,   the  goal  of  which is  to  reflect  our  University’s  activity,  to serve, to inform  a  great  audience,   to  implement university-student,  university-lecturer, university-society contacts,  to   understand the role of teaching, bringing  up function,  we  have  one    ultimate priority:  don’t   disappoint our audience,  our  dear  readers  and  look  ahead”, concluded her  speech Gohar Gevorgyan.

Then  all  guests  were  hosted  in  ASUE  Media and Public Relations  Divison  to  celebrate  the  anniversary  of  “Tntesaget”.

ASUE  Media  and Public relations  Division