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ASUE  students  met  the  Head of  Marketing  Division  in  “IAB  Centre”  Ani  Nahapetyan,  Career Advisor  Hayarpi  Grigoryan,  a  member of  ACCA  Anna  Petrosyan  and  the  Head of  Human Resources Management Division  in  “Grant  Thoronton”  CJSC  Ani  Aslanyan  today  at  ASUE  Conference  Hall.  The guests presented all those necessary conditions which would make future economists competitive.

 The  Head of  Marketing  Division  in  “IAB  Centre”  Ani  Nahapetyan  presented  that  the  Centre  provided  varied and high-quality trainings.  She said  that  cooperating  with  internationally recognized organizations  they  organized  interactive  trainings  full  of  discussions  and  innovative approaches   for all those, who  seeked to  get  international  qualification  in  fields  of finance  and  accounting, business  development,  management,  marketing and  English language learning.  The  speaker  informed that  the  Centre  organized  international qualification courses  of  ACCA, CIMA,  GARP, which  gave  the  participants  an opportunity  to  go  deep  into specific profession  and,  living  in Armenia,  got international  education.  Ani  Nahapetyan assured  that those, who  had  the  certificates  of  international  qualification courses  were competitive   both in  Armenian and  other  international  labor  market.

The  Head of  Human Resources Management Division  in  “Grant  Thoronton”  CJSC  Ani  Aslanyan  presenting   “Grant  Thoronton”  as an  employer, mentioned  that  audit services  were  implemented  here,  provided professional advice to large and medium-sized enterprises,  state  organizations, central and commercial banks in Armenia, Georgia and other CIS countries.

A  member  of  ACCA  Anna  Petrosyan  spent  a  special  advice  for  ASUE  students,  which  was  devoted to  reveal mandatory financial audits and tax  verification,  necessity and geography  of  financial statements,  as  well as  the organization and management of  accounting issues.

The  Dean of  the  Department of  Accounting  and  Audit  at  ASUE  Ashot  Matevosyan  thanked  the  guests  for  interesting and  useful  information, mentioning that  such  performences  were  very  instructive  for  the  young  people.

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