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The  Vice-President of  ANSA,  the  President of  ASUE  Student  Council  Sevak  Khachatryan  informed  ASUE  Media  and  Public Relations  Division, that Armenian National  Student  Association  (ANSA)  was  included  in the European Students’ Union in the  result  of  votes (the overwhelming majority of the votes (only 2 against)) of European Students’ Union  Conference  taken place  in  Malta  on December  2,  obtaining the status of a full member.  The latter  said that Armenian  deligation  was  headed  by  the  President  of    International  Relations  of  ANSA,  an Assistant  at the  Chair  of  Management  at ASUE  Sargis  Asatryants.  The  student of   the  Department of  Management  Arus  Harutyunyan  and  an  Assistant  at the  Chair  of  Theory of  Economics  Aghavni  Ohanyan  took  part  in  the  works  of  European Students’ Union.

Sevak Khachatryan observed  the  presence  of  Armenian students  in  European largest  student  family   was  so  important  and  great  achievement, which  would  give  a wide  opportunity  to  young  students.

“This  is  an open door, which is a  great  opportunity  for  the  students  to  take  part in different  educational,  long-term and short-term  student exchange programs”,  mentioned  Sevak  Khachatryan, with special thanks to the  RA Minister  of  Education and Science  Ministry  Armen Ashotyan  and  ASUE  Rector  Koryun  Atoyan  for invaluable help and support for the European Students' Union accession process.

ASUE  Media  and Public Relations  Division