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Serial  "Open  Class"  took  place   in ASUE  Conference  Hall  today  organized  by  ASUE  Student  Council,  the  heading  was  “Volunteerism among students”.  Gayane  Martirosyan,  an  expert  on  Civil  society  of  “Counterpart  International”  organization  in Armenia,  Vahe  Darbinyan,  the  responsible of Civil society  program  and  Gayane  Vardanyan, a specialist  of   Government Relations,  conducted  the  "Open Class".  

"Volunteering is a great responsibility.   When  I  had an  opportunity  to  help  people  with  different  problems  for  the  first  time I  had a  sense  of  fear.  But  just  a  few  days  of  volunteer  work and  the  understanding  of  being  useful  for  people  gave  me  power.  Volunteering  gave  me  an  opportunity  to  selfapprove, overcome  all  fears  and  be  useful  for  our  society”,  Gayane  Vardanyan presented  her  own  example  of  volunteering and  assured  the  students  to  take  part  in  volunteer  works  and  become  a full  member  of  Civil society .

Gayane  Martirosyan  mentioned  that volunteering  gave  knowledge,  an  opportunity  to  selfapprove,  confidence in your  own forces, and  the  most  important  the  understanding  of  being a  full  member  of  Civil society. “Volunteering  gives great spiritual satisfaction except real and tangible benefits,  experience,  knowledge,  skills and  abilities  of  working  with  people”.

Vahe  Darbinyan  said that the  volunteerism among  the  students  developed  such  skills, features  and  knowledge, experience, which  would  help  you  to  find  work, to take  part  in international  programs  in future.  “Today  each  employer  gives  importance to  its  employee’s  participation  in  volunteer  works  and  gives  priority to those who have  such experience”.

Grisha  Amirkhanyan, the  President  of   the  Student  Council  of the  Department  of  Managment,  thanked  the  speakers  and   called  the  students  to  take  part  in volunteer  works  actively.