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A  memorandum  was  signed  between  Armenian State  University of  Economics  and  the  Economic  University  in  Bratislava, which became a base of  comprehensive framework for cooperation,  which  includes educational and scientific links, exchange  programs.

Koryun Atoyan, ASUE Rector, Doctor  of Economics, Professor,  said “The  aim of  entertaining  the  Economic  University  in  Bratislava  in our  University is  the  signing  of the  memorandum, for  which  we  have  negotiated  for a  long  time.  As you know,  we  give  a great   importance  to   the  cooperation  with  the CIS countries and European universities.  We  hope  that  this  new  cooperation  will serve the  purpose  and  will  provide  different  fields  of  activities”.  The  Rector  informed  that  the meeting  and  the  signing  of  memorandum  will  have  practical continuation  and  after  discussing  plans  the  further  meetings  will  be  passed  by the  participation of the  University’s  Faculty  staff and  students.

Yan Lisin,  the  Dean of  the  Department  of  National  Economics  in the  Economic University  in Bratislava,  mentioned  that   the  cooperation  would  be  effactive  and  would  develope.  The  members  of the  delegation  took a tour in ASUE, got  acquainted with the  structure  of  the  University,  activites, action plans  and prospects.