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The  solemn ceremony  of handing certificates  to the  participants  taken  part  in   training program for civil servants  in ASUE Continuous and Additional Education Center,  took place  today at ASUE Ceremony Hall. 

“You are  welcome to  deepen your knowledge in the continous education.  I am sure that you have  aquired  necessary knowledge, which will help you to solve  problems”,  congratulating the  participants  for  finishing the  trainings  and  getting  certificates  from ASUE   Continuous and Additional Education Center, said Koryun Atoyan and  handed  certificates to  the senior and junior  specialists  of the  RA  Departments.
ASUE    Continuous and Additional Education Center  informed  the Media  and Public Relations  Divison that this group consisted of 33  participants, the  trainings  lasted  from the 1st to 15th of June.  
The  Center  informs  that 250  higher and main,  senior and junior   specialists  of  the  RA almost all  Departments have  finished  the  trainings  in the  framework  of  “Computer Technology  Management”.

The  two-week-trainings  with  seven  stages  have  been  organized  with  the  following  directions: Computer Technology and Management,  Managerial Skills,  the  RA Constitutional Changes,  “About  Civil Service" changes  of the law.
The autumn  stage  of  trainings  will start  on September.