Lecture by the CBA Representative

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Today, Lusine Margaryan, Chief specialist of Licensing Division of CBA Legal Department (senior supervisor), with a number of international qualifications /she is also an excellent graduate of our University/ delivered  lecture for the 4th year students of Auditing specialty. The  initiation was Vahan Babayan’s, Associate Professor of the Chair of Accounting and Auditing, PhD in Economics.

Mary Badalyan, acting Head of Department of Accounting  and Auditing, Sona Ghazaryan, Vice Dean, Liana Grigoryan, the  Chair of Managerial Accounting  and Auditing, attended  the lecture  and  welcomed students  and the  guest.

Congratulating  students on the  new  academic year they called  students to be active, not only listen to the lectures, but also ask questions, make observations.

Lusine  Margaryan spoke  on the features of cash flows, income and expenses, statutory capital, financial results, non-current liabilities, current financial liabilities in organizations.

Vahan Babayan expressed conviction that the experience and knowledge of the related specialist (Lusine  Margaryan) is instructive for the student and, of course, will help to assimilate the course better. At the  end  of the semester a final discussion-debate is  planned  to conduct with the participation of Lusine Margaryan, which aims to test the student’s knowledge and to prepare for the exam.


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