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    ASUE’s official website’s opening took place  at the Celebrations Hall yesterday.  Hovik Abrahamyan, the Chairman of the ASUE Council, Koryun Atoyan, the Rector of ASUE, Doctor of Economics, Professor, University Teaching  Staff and students were present.

   The new website was prepared by the “Breind” Company, Karen Babajanyan, the Director of the Company, the  lecturer of the Chair of Marketing, presented the content of the new website to the guests. The ASUE’s new website  has completly new  design with technical and programmatic interesting solutions, new pages and remarkable titles.

   Koryun Atoyan, the rector of ASUE, said that the new website, being the University business card and character designer, would reflect the real face of the University and support students in  educational process. The Rector congratulated the University members for this important event, noting, “ Let’s record our joint acquisitions fact together and don’t stop on the hottest crossroads. I can assure that the changes we have committed will have ongoing nature, staying faithful to the slogan “ We are chnaging.”

   “ I believe that great work has been done while creating the website and I am sure that the workers were professional. I am pleased and grateful”, said Hovik Abrahamyan, the Chairman of the ASUE council,  adding that the opening of the website is an important step in this fast changing world.

   Sevak Khachatryan, the Head of the University Student  Council, presented the achievements,  works done by the Student Council, in the context of University reforms.